Communities network

Communities network

The goal of the network is to be a warm and supportive home and a space of meeting, learning, and joint action for communities that maintain mutual guarantee, Jewish-Israeli culture, and social action: to initiate, establish and accompany communities; Identify, train and nurture leadership potential; Create fertilization and mutual learning, and promote policies that will support a variety of communities.

The network includes active cultural life communities, which integrate into population centers in the social and economic periphery, serve as a basis for social action, and maintain a Jewish-Israeli lifestyle, each community in its own unique way.

We run the “Amitey Kehila” (Community Fellows) group of about 15 community leaders and Rabbis of all genders, who meet to learn, consult and support issues of community spiritual leadership.

“Shearim” (Doorways) is a training program designed for young community leaders at the beginning of their careers. Participants learn about Israeli society, with its various challenges and opportunities, get to know the world of communities, and become acquainted with different community perceptions.


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