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Leadership & Activism

Hechalutz movement educates its members and encourages the participants in the various programs to adopt a lifestyle of social involvement in the community aspect, in the neighborhood aspect, the city and the state aspect.
The principle that is common to most of our educational programs is the model: understand – consolidate – change.
Understand: The programs include a significant component of in-depth study of Israeli society in order to formulate self-identity, develop a worldview, get to know the emerging processes, and understand the forces of change. The studies deal with the contents of economics and society, politics, Zionism, democracy, Judaism, Jewish-Arab partnership, education, activism, philosophy, and more.
Consolidate: Hechalutz programs are based on the community experience, which forms the basis for the social connection of young and senior adults from diverse backgrounds and the creation of alternative culture that establishes the participants’ ability to act as part of a unified community for common goals.
Changes: In Hechalutz programs, the participants experience, volunteer, and work in a variety of frameworks of social change, at the municipal and national levels. This experience produces a direct connection to the people, the acquisition of tools for social action, and a code of activism toward social injustice. These frameworks of change are already producing a significant social change in a variety of areas and places throughout the country.
In this way, we strive to create a renewed and cohesive social leadership capable of competing for the leadership of Israeli society and the state itself. This leadership will be composed of leading young adults, who come from a variety of sectors in society, are confident in their Jewish and Israeli identity, imbued with mission and purpose, knowledgeable, and understand the processes emerging in Israeli society and the possible forces of change.

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