Our Missions

Gender Equality

We have been conducting programs about gender equality for about 30 years, with an emphasis on the connection between feminism and Judaism, and in a way adapted to all shades of Israeli society. Our goal is to create a generation that advocates gender equality and works to achieve it, to raise awareness and acts for a just and better society, for all genders.
We actively work to develop and facilitate educational programs on the subject of gender equality in all the frameworks of the organization. The facilitation team includes experienced women professionals, who are educated in the fields of Judaism, gender, society, and counseling. We see particularly great importance in the encounter of young men and women with this content in an open and honest atmosphere, which encourages them to breakthrough internal and external barriers.
The programs enable quality and in-depth educational discourse on issues of gender, equality between all genders, femininity, masculinity, the LGBT arch, Jewish culture and gender, sexuality, harassment and sexual abuse, and the empowerment of women. The participants are invited to a process of examining attitudes towards the roles of different sexes, to clarify basic concepts of gender language, to know and understand Jewish-Israeli culture from a gender perspective, to develop critical thinking, and to know the prices all genders pay for stereotypes and expectations.
Over the years, we have operated “Nigun Nashim” – seminaries for women from all backgrounds on the subject of feminism and Judaism; We have trained thousands of teachers throughout the country, students and young adults, parents, youth counselors, and education and culture coordinators; We held dozens of seminars and conferences about gender, gender equality, and women’s empowerment; We have held joint Shabbat and Pesach Sederim for women from all sects of Judaism; We have worked to deepen the dialogue between women from all different sectors of Israeli society- both religious and secular, in order to create a reformed society in which complex and diverse identities coexist; We have written and published a variety of publications in the field:
– Training programs for schools and educational institutions
– “And she stood” – the Passover Haggadah with a feminist female commentary
– “Demanding Good” series – a feminist interpretation of Talmudic issues
– “If You Do Not Know” – a collection of articles on gender equality
– An online monthly women’s letter that was distributed over 10 years to thousands of women and men and was a platform for women to write on issues of gender equality.
The development and the building of these programs were done with the generous support of Steven Stallman, in memory of his wife Elga.

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