Our Missions

Social Justice

“Justice justice thus shall pursue” (Deuteronomy 16:20)

Hechalutz – Hamidrasha at Oranim strives to promote social justice based on a social-democratic worldview. We educate for the pursuit of justice in all organizational programs.
We take seriously the large social disparities in Israel, the high poverty rates, the thin social services, and the challenges to the working person.
We advocate mutual commitment and believe that it is our responsibility as a society to ensure all conditions for living with dignity.
We strive to uphold the State of Israel according to the values we believe in:
A Jewish and democratic welfare state, whose citizens are all equal.
A state that belongs to us, the citizens, serves our needs and desires, gives us existential and economic security, and enables our constant development and growth.
A country that has a place for all of us; That has respect and appreciation for the differences between us; Which has freedom and equality for different streams and different groups of religion, denominations, genders, sexual orientations, geographical area, etc.; And at the same time nurtures and strengthens the common and unifying between us, on the basis of mutual responsibility and not on the basis of bigotry;
A country whose economy serves all the people and not the few and seeks general welfare and not profits; Which provides all its people with a generous infrastructure of education, welfare, housing, and health, in the perception that these should be basic social rights and not goods sold in the market; Which strengthens workers, unions and workers’ rights; Which reduces the enormous socio-economic disparities; Which fosters cooperation and solidarity over rough competition.

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