Our Missions

Jewish Continuity

In 1989, the Oranim seminary was established with the aim of shaping a society whose members “feel at home” in their Jewish and Zionist culture, and build their personal and public identity from it.

We refused to accept the dichotomy imposed on us by Israeli history: if you are a “true” Jew, you are purely religious. If you are secular – what about you and Judaism? We strived for connection, instead of disconnection, in the spirit of Berl Katzenelson’s words from 1934: It cleanses them of their rust, revives an ancient tradition, which must nourish the souls of the new generation. ”

We strive to promote Israeli, humanistic, and egalitarian Judaism, which contains different shades and voices, gives equal place to women and men, and treats every person with respect; Judaism that draws from the diverse sources that the Jewish people have to offer and renews according to present values; Judaism that embraces social challenges today and works to correct them; A Judaism that gives place to the secular and the sacred, and allows one to feel a sense of belonging.

From this worldview, we have been operating in the diverse Israeli space for the past 30 years, in the fields of education, culture and society, in various ways:

Studying the sources of Jewish culture and encouraging creativity for hundreds of young people a year in pre-military programs, use of military service and programs after military service.
Training of community leaders in the field of Judaism and network management – to encourage a living Israeli Jewish community.
Training of Leaders of Israeli Jewish Culture in the Israeli Education System – for Deepening Knowledge and Developing Pedagogical Skills.
Development and implementation of programs for thousands of students in and out of schools.
Israeli rabbinical training – for the creation of community, educational, and public leadership in the spirit of our worldview.
Beit Midrash – a group study of ancient and modern Jewish sources.
Publishing books for the public on holidays, rituals of life, feminist commentary on Talmudic issues, and more.

Hamidrasha is one of the first and leading educational centers in the country in conducting life ceremonies (wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birth, mourning) and Shabbat and holiday ceremonies for the Israel non-religious family. Hamidrasha is a breakthrough in the connection between gender and Judaism, and the women of Hamidrasha staff are among the leaders in this field in Israel. Hamidrasha treats the community as an essential foundation for building Jewish life in today’s Israel, and we are training leaders in the Jewish field in the community space, forming new communities, and managing a network of communities that maintain a Jewish-Israeli culture in their lives.

The multifaceted operation of Hamidrasha is aimed at creating a new and inclusive space, Israeli Jewry, which has room for secular and Orthodox, traditional and Reform, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi. This perception indicates that Jewish-Israeli traditions are being created, which is reflected in the life of the individual and the community., family, and the public space.

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