About the organization

Hamidrasha at Oranim is an educational center for Jewish renewal in Israel, that focuses on the education systems, young adults, and communal space.
Our goal is to shape a society that feels at home in its Jewish culture and build its personal and public identity from it. We promote equal and humanistic Judaism, inspired by the Jewish resources, and renewed with time. We promote an open and accepting Judaism, that could be a home for Jews of all beliefs from Israel and the diaspora.
Hamidrasha was established in 1989 and it is one of the pioneering organizations in the field of Israeli Jewish Renewal.

Hechalutz movement, by Hamidrasha at Oranim, is a leadership-building movement in the spirit of the Chalutzim (Israeli pioneers), Zionism, and humanistic Judaism, that strive for creating a just, democratic, free, equal, and peaceful society.
We operate various young adult leadership programs, that combine group-communal experience, in-depth learning of Israeli society, and experimenting with education, social, and ethical work. Our most well-known program is Mechinat Rabin.
The alumni of the organization choose to be active citizens and leaders in the education system, local municipalities, 3rd sector, and public services. In addition, we encourage our alumni to achieve themselves within communities that allow a common basis for meaningful action and social lifestyle.

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