Teachers seminars

Teachers seminars

The field of Jewish-Israeli culture is characterized by a conglomerate of different contents: Bible, history, literature, philosophy, art, and more. In the same way, the seminars select topics that are examined from different angles, and practice various ways of learning, that the teachers learn to apply in their classes.
The seminars create an opportunity for teachers to broaden their horizons, deepen their knowledge, develop professionally and personally, refresh themselves and make new connections with colleagues. The study program is group-oriented and connects the texts studied with the biography of each of the participants and with value questions in our lives.
You can choose one of the topics offered below or contact us and build a suitable course for your school. All seminars have an online format.

  • “Time is like a Ferris wheel”: the circle of the year – the Hebrew holidays have passed through the generations. In each generation, stories and meanings were emphasized, and others were kept secret. We will learn about the different-yet-same holidays, figure out what we want to emphasize, and how we can teach the subject in a way that will increase the connection to Jewish-Israeli culture, along with examining its critique.
  • Beneficial Communication: Learning the facilitation skills of Israeli Jewish culture. Facilitation skills and understanding of group processes improve teachers’ work and communication with students. Integrating content of identity and belonging deepens each student’s observation of themselves, and between them and the teacher. We will learn, practice and experience.
  • Education, values ​​and identity in the school: educational issues and school values. What are the values ​​that guide us in education and teaching? The seminar is suitable for teachers and principals who want to expand and deepen the ethical discussion through Jewish sources.
  • Gender, Culture and Education: Basic Concepts in Gender Language. This seminar allows participants to examine their attitudes toward the roles of women and men and to examine social issues from a gender perspective. Raising awareness drives processes of change and action for a just and better society for all genders.
  • Pedagogy of a learning group: the Group Model. An independent learning model in groups of 5-7 students can also address remote learning. We will learn the unique pedagogy of online learning, we will examine the characteristics of learning in a small group, including further experience in the different roles in the group, and we will get to know free digital aids on the web.

Participants will receive the diploma (for a 30 or 60 hours seminar) after submitting the final Project in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.


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